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Pasquotank County North Carolina Poor House Records 1807-1868.

The poor house records consist of “invisible” people – widows of men who died either poor or in dire straits as their estates were not able to sustain the family left behind; orphans of those deceased men; men who became injured or disabled and were therefore unable to support their families; the elderly or the disabled; people who built coffins or dug graves. In other words, those who lived on the margins of society. Other names in the book include those who provided provisions to the poor, assisted with childbirth, cared for people when they were injured or sick, provided firewood or fence rails for the poor house, sold beef or pork to the poor house, etc. Poor House records are seldom used for genealogy as the originals are not indexed, but contain a lot of everyday people, i.e. our ancestors.

240 pages including index by Sharon Rea Gable (2019), $30

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We are excited to share a new publication—Pasquotank County North Carolina Persons of Color in Court Minutes 1738-1868 by Robert Britton (184 Pages)! Persons of color, whether Negro, Mulatto or Indian, are often difficult to trace in early records. Robert Britton has scoured the minutes from Pasquotank County North Carolina Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions from the earliest minutes in 1738 until the court structure changed in North Carolina in 1868. This book is the result of that examination and the FRSNNC is very grateful to Britton for permission to publish this invaluable resource.

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9341. Pasquotank County North Carolina Persons of Color in Court Minutes 1738-1868

The FRSNNC is delighted that Robert Britton has provided permission for us to reprint his 2003 book titled “Pasquotank County NC African Americans Court Minutes 1738-1868.” You will see that the title has been updated, with Britton’s permission, as “African American” is a modern term that was not used in this collection of court records.

In reprinting the book, we have also reorganized the index listing those without surnames under the race by which they were identified in the court record – Negro, Mulatto or Indian. Those who were identified only as Persons of Color with no surname are indexed under “No surname.”

This book includes the following and more:

  • deeds including slave transactions
  • slaves brought to trial
  • people petitioning for their freedom
  • bastard bond disputes
  • orphans and poor children bound as apprentices
  • people proving to the court that they were born free

Although some of the earlier court records were abstracted by Weynette Haun, this is the first book we have seen which covers such a large time period. Many thanks to Robert Britton for this invaluable resource which contains information for all researchers, not just those tracing people of color.

184 Pages (Including Index) by Robert Britton (2018 reprint), $25.00

New Book Available!

Abstracts of Princess Anne County Virginia Deed Book 4, 1724 – 1735 is a thoroughly indexed book that abstracts and transcribes the complete Deeds & Wills Book 4. These abstracts include wills, power of attorneys, marks, estate appraisements, estate inventories, etc.