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The Family Research Society of NE NC is officially CLOSED as 11/15/2022.

We won’t take any more appointments to do (look ups) research or sell any books. Most of the library books themselves will be packed by the Friends of the Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library (SPML) this coming Friday and most of the books we sell are being packed now for the Edenton Historical Commission who will take over sales of the NC books which FRS owns. These items will not magically appear on the shelves in Edenton as it takes time, but the plan is to transport them to Edenton on Monday.

Please allow 6 weeks or more for the Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library to make room on their shelves, buy new shelves as needed, inventory and mark their new books, etc before seeing the books on the shelves. The Twiford Funeral Records and Family Histories will take longer than that as they are taking not only the ones from our shelves, but ones we haven’t had enough volunteers to process. So allow them time to do what a “proper” library needs to do – or better yet, join the Friends of the SPML and help make it a reality.

Allow even longer for the Edenton Historical Commission to start selling the FRS books. Some titles we are providing the master and the copies, but in some cases we have sold out of the books so they have to be printed and all of that takes time. Plus there are arrangements with authors, finding display room for an additional 100 titles, etc. All time consuming and like all non-profits they depend on volunteers too.

Bottom line, don’t rush them – we want them to do a good job, not a fast job so volunteer to help out.

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